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How To Upload Overlays to StreamLabs and StreamElements

StreamLabs and StreamElements are essential tools for any streamer. Where your general stream channel allows you to send out videos to fans and viewers, these programs enable interaction between you and your followers. StreamElements and StreamLabs are similar in their approach to providing an applicable gaming experience, but they have differences as well. We will look at how to upload overlays to StreamLabs and StreamElements to help you get the most from your gaming and streaming experience. 

How to Upload Overlays to StreamLabs

Overlays can add significant professionalism to your stream and StreamLabs is among the top rated programs to help streamers add these elements to their stream. StreamLabs makes it easy to add overlays to your streams and provides an array of options to truly customize your stream. 

Step 1

When adding an overlay in StreamLabs, click on the theme tab on the right side of the program. This is denoted with a pencil and ruler icon. Generally, a streamer often has to pay a professional to add overlays to their stream, but with the themes tab on StreamLabs, all elements are in reach. The convenient store for StreamLabs enables streamers to pick and choose the elements they want to customize their streams. Best of all, these elements are completely free. 

The themes tab store is organized into various overlays that allow you to pick from genre of game, individual game, or a number of other elements to find the right overlay you are looking for. Pick what you want and click on it. 

Step 2

The next step is to install the overlay. StreamLabs makes it remarkably convenient to essentially just pick and choose your overlay and then click the install overlay button at the right side of the theme. Upon clicking, the installer will install the theme and then direct you back to the editor to properly set up the stream. 

Step 3

Editing the StreamLabs elements within the chosen overlay is relatively easy. Basically, like with many other programs, you can pick and choose how large or small each element is to be by double clicking on the element and dragging the box from the cropping tools at the borders of the element. Customize the size based on your needs and the needs of the game to ensure your viewer has the best view of the stream at all times. 

Have fun with the overlay function by adding in customized alert boxes and fonts to make your stream individualized. When using StreamLabs, you will enjoy professional looking elements and the ability to completely customize the experience. 

How to Upload Overlays to StreamElements

StreamElements is a cloud based program and many streamers prefer it simply due to its versatility and availability virtually anywhere such as conventions or any gaming setting. Overlays on StreamElements are customizable, so if you want a highly complex overlay or just a simple one, you can get it with this program. 

Step 1

In the top left corner of StreamElements, the overlay manager tab will give you access to all the themes and essential elements to make your stream all it can be. Like with StreamLabs, overlays are categorized by games, genres, and even generic overlays that can be customized. Click new overlay and put in your chosen resolution.  

Step 2

With StreamElements, you have to remember to click on the right size resolution in relation to your stream. Ensure these match when selecting your theme. The resolution can be altered by simply putting the correct resolution in the box provided. 

Step 3

Your overlay will appear completely transparent until you begin adding elements. At this stage, you can choose an overlay from the available library on StreamElements or choose to customize the elements for your individual stream. 

Step 4

StreamElements provides users with endless customization options in the overlay editor. Alert boxes and many other elements can be sized as needed just like in StreamLabs, so you can have essentially any element you want where you want it. StreamElements allows maximum creativity for the streamer. Custom overlays in StreamElements can take time to master, but can provide a high quality look to your stream. 

When using these programs, it is important to take your time. Each element added has the potential to add to the user experience or take away from it. When customizing your overlay, try to experience the stream from the user’s point of view. This will offer perspective to ensure that your stream does not become overcrowded making it difficult for the user to enjoy the experience fully. Some elements can cause obstruction for the user and that is a negative for a quality stream. StreamLabs and StreamElements offer high quality overlays to add value and a professional look to your stream. Get creative and have fun. 

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