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Chess has seen significant growth in general but specifically on Twitch. This is thanks to the popular Netflix show – The Queen’s Gambit. Perhaps also due to worldwide lockdowns and the fact more people are picking up new hobbies. The overall player count on popular sites like has multiplied by 5 times and various well known personalities on Twitch started to stream the game this year.

Chess Overlays

More and more people are streaming their chess games on Twitch and this requires a slightly different overlay compared to other games. Since the board is square, there is a lot of extra space on the screen that you can fill with things like a webcam capture, a chat widget or a recent event list. We can also design you a custom overlay to fit in with your chess stream. Just click here and fill out an enquiry form. 

You will also need a tailored overlay if you plan on displaying multiple games and boards at the same time. Perhaps you also want to have your own custom chess stream alerts! All of these things will take your stream to the next level. 

Chess Emotes

Some other things to consider would be getting chess emotes created. Text emotes that would be popular among viewers might be common phrases such as the following:




Chess Sub Badges

We are giving away these free chess sub badges that are shown on this blog post. Scroll to the top and click the download button to claim them. They are ready to upload instantly. This will really emphasise the chess theme on your channel and they look great in chat!

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